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We create golfers and community through private instruction and Golf Academy classes. Golf is about connections between learning and delivering, between fun and success, between body and mind. LPGA pro Amanda J Beeler takes it one step further — connecting her instruction with your greatest self. Start your golf journey today.

Future 36ers

Introducing golf to our youngest players, 3-5 year olds. Powered by Birdie Basics, an early childhood education curriculum.

Golf Academy

The academy is powered by Operation 36, the best curriculum that combines learning skills with playing on the course.

Private Coaching

Just for you, golf instruction tailored to the way you learn. Book a private session today or reach out to learn more.


Total Body + Mind Golf was born from the desire to focus on golf skills and mental game development, while having a good time learning something new. I have been playing golf for 30 years, and been teaching golf for the last 20, so it is no mystery to me the value of developing strong fundamentals that will forge the path to focusing on your mental game. My teaching style has been compared to catching up with a friend. I will lead you through the experience of learning new things, while remaining aware of what your goals and challenges are.

When I’m not teaching I can be found building something out of wood, enjoying tacos, or attending a Cycle class.

Amanda J Beeler
LPGA Class A Teaching Professional


Amanda is the real deal! She has helped my golf game significantly. Her way of communicating complex fundamental golf movements has been so helpful towards my understanding of the “golf swing.” On top of her incredible knowledge of golf she truly cares about her students, and builds a relationship that is greater than just being her golf student. You will not regret investing in her, and your golf game will be so much better for it.


As an adult who made a return to golf after many years absent, I felt frustrated by my lack of progress and too intimidated to be able to play with others. I noticed that younger kids were on the golf course and learning to play in a class format, and wondered if the same opportunity might exist for adults. I was then excited to learn that there WAS an adult Academy designed to help adults with their fundamental skills. The Operation 36 Golf Academy approach has been a complete game changer for me!


The Operation 36 Academy is an excellent program that effectively introduced Jackson to the sport of golf.  The program developed his skill while giving him the confidence and knowledge required for independently and successfully playing rounds of golf. The quality coaching he received and the program design helped motivated him to continue improving his skills. Amanda's dedication to his growth is apparent in each coaching session.


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